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3 Steps To Apologizing-An SEL Boom Deck With Audio

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3



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About This Product

3 Steps to Apologizing: An SEL Boom Deck with Audio

3 Steps to Apologizing: An SEL Boom Deck with Audio is a prized teaching resource ideal for educators, including both public school teachers and homeschoolers. This educational deck engages students in learning the pivotal steps of apologizing, namely acknowledging errors, articulating genuine regret, and taking action to rectify.

Inclusive of critical life skills relating to emotional intelligence, restorative justice and relationship management, this SEL Boom Deck allows learners an opportunity to explore 24 task cards. Through these resources students are guided not merely on expressing a superficial 'sorry', but are encouraged towards mapping their wrong actions and working towards mending it.

Key Features:

  • An inclusive set of 9 education cards that elaborate the details of effective apology - structure & technique for better understanding before diving into tasks.
  • Multicultural images placed tactically reinforce inclusivity principle catering education suited best for different set of learners.
  • An adaptable use case scenario ranging from being part of regular lesson plans, group discussions or homework assignments.

Digital Accessibility:

The courseware is accessed via image click-throughs linked in PDF format.However,it's essential that active internet connectivity be ensured as content is served in 'Boom Cards' format which requires online access.To provide seamless experience modern browser compatibility have been prioritized supporting popular ones like Chrome,Safari,and others including Android Kindle Fires & iOS devices application support provided too.

User Interaction Considerations:

The tool also features "Fast Pins" utility ensuring quick feedback enabling self-grading.Eventually privacy/security concerns mandate adults' supervision for student interactions initially on the platform.Emitting ease even in future scaling requirements via premium account upgrades facilitating assignment options and progress reporting.

Concluding Thoughts:

The solution "3 Steps To Apologizing-An SEL Boom Deck With Audio" signifies the importance of making apologies impactful. This one-of-a-kind educational tool nudges learners to introspect their actions, acknowledge their guilt, and make dedicated efforts towards resolving.The tool affirms respect for human relationships by underlining the importance of effective apology - paving a way for better social emotional learning journey.

What's Included

A 33 card Boom deck (click on the image in the PDF for access).

Resource Tags

SEL Apologizing Emotional Intelligence Restorative Justice Relationship Management

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