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Sasha Learns About Kelso's Choices! SEL Boom Cards With Audio

Sasha Learns About Kelso's Choices! SEL Boom Cards With Audio
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About This Product

Sasha Learns About Kelso's Choices! SEL Boom Cards With Audio

Sasha Learns About Kelso's Choices is a resource designed to aid educators in teaching students about social emotional learning. This innovative set of SEL Boom Cards includes text and corresponding audio.

The interactive set enables students to make decisions by stepping into the character of Sasha. She experiences various situations at school and home, identifying small and big problems, then selecting suitable responses using 'Kelso’s Choice.'

Flexible Application

  • This resource can be projected for whole-class lessons where all students participate in decision-making.
  • In smaller groups or pairs, pupils can engage in enriching discussions before deciding on Sasha's actions.
  • Individual use is equally effective as it engages the learner personally, enhancing problem-solving skills.

A restart feature allows learners to explore different choices ensuring diverse outcomes thereby broadening their perspective on decision-making strategies.

Cross-platform Accessibility

This tool functions smoothly across modern browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox & Edge. It's also accessible via apps on Androids or Apple devices including Kindle Fires with an active internet connection throughout usage ensuring privacy and security.

Note:To benefit from grading aligned feedback and performance tracking functionalities teachers are advised to opt for premium accounts though free trials are available upon initial sign-up. This all-encompassing resource caters to diverse grade levels from preschool through third grade proving extremely adaptable and versatile for any educator's toolbox!

What's Included

A PDF with a paid link directing you to Boom Learning. Click on the image in the PDF.

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