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Let's Measure Up: Length, Time, Perimeter Gr. 4-6

An educational teaching resource from Classroom Complete Press entitled Let's Measure Up: Length, Time, Perimeter Gr. 4-6 downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 4, 5



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About This Product

Let's Measure Up: Length, Time, Perimeter Gr. 4-6

This teaching resource simplifies the measurement process for students ranging from grade 4 to grade 6. The material includes a variety of activities and exercises designed to help learners master length, time, and perimeter concepts.

In-Class Activities

The product boasts diverse activities that are versatile enough for both whole-class instruction or small group centers such as:

  • Meter Madness
  • Around the Room
  • Snake Olympics
These interactive sessions improve basic measurement skills.

Extension Assignments

Apart from in-class activities, students are also provided with extension assignments to be completed independently outside classroom hours like:

  • Mini Measuring
  • Time Dominos
  • These provide additional practice opportunities.

    Timed Drill Sheets and Worksheets The package also includes up-to-20 timed drill sheets with easy instructions for completion within a single class period. The availability of worksheet enriches lesson plans enabling better navigation through measurement content while maintaining learner interest.

    Note:All that required for these exercises are basic math materials like blocks, rulers and centimetre cubes making this an easily accessible tool despite budget constraints.
    This PDF file encapsulates all crucial aspects pertaining length,time,and perimeter suitable for Grades 4-6 Math classes thus serving as invaluable go-to tool for instructors. With this resource at hand mastering measurement has never been easier!
    Final Remark: If you desire transformative methods in teaching measurements make sure you check out" Let's Measure Up: Length, Time, Perimeter Gr. 4-6."

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