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Let's Measure Up: Volume, Mass, Area Gr. 4-6

An educational teaching resource from Classroom Complete Press entitled Let's Measure Up: Volume, Mass, Area Gr. 4-6 downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 4, 5



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About This Product

Let's Measure Up: Volume, Mass, Area Gr. 4-6

This is a forward-thinking teaching resource aimed at public school teachers and homeschoolers. It focuses on making the critical lessons of volume, mass and area more accessible to students between Grades 4 to 6. An impressive list of sixty different activities included in one downloadable PDF file extends its usefulness.

The exercises are versatile enough to cater to the diverse range of learning styles found in classrooms or homeschool settings. These can be central parts of a broader teaching module or part of small focus groups during learning sessions.

Tips for Teachers:
  • If you're looking for resources that supplement coursework with hands-on experiences, this resource is invaluable. Creative activities like 'Make a Liter', 'Tablespoons, Feathers & Elephants' and 'Shopping can Weigh you Down' all make sure fun is part of these mathematics lessons.
  • Each activity has straightforward instructions that encourage independent working while embedding the concept. This method improves time management skills as children generally complete tasks within single-class durations.
Inclusive Design:

`Let's Measure Up: Volume, Mass, Area Gr.' requires only basic math materials like blocks, rulers and centimetre cubes easily found in most educational environments - both classrooms or homes!

Fitting into Your Teaching:

  • Easily merge this package with your existing teaching tools by assigning select activities as extended home studies or solitary tasks during individual study times so students can solidify their understanding of these measurements.
To Conclude;

'Let's Measure Up: Volume, Mass & Area Gr.' offers educators varied ways to enrich and diversify a child’s education journey in the Mathematics subject area, using a wealth of provided worksheets.

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