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Let's Talk About Personal Boundaries! Boom Deck

Let's Talk About Personal Boundaries!  Boom Deck
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Life Skills


Grade 6, 7, 8, 9, 10



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About This Product

Let's Talk About Personal Boundaries!

This is a dynamic and interactive learning resource designed to empower students with knowledge and understanding about personal boundaries. This teaching material, tailored for grades 6 to 10, explores the Three Types of Boundaries - Physical, Emotional, and Behavioural.

The comprehensive lesson plan introduces vital information on maintaining personal safety in line with Erin's Law. It delves deep into the study of boundary violations, enabling learners to spot potential grooming behaviours shown by perpetrators. This approach forms a robust shield against sexual abuse by educating students about possible harmful situations involving adults or peers.

The resource includes two main sections:

  • Ten educational slides which illustrate each type of boundary in detail;
  • Fourteen task cards meant for testing student comprehension in identifying violated boundaries.

This unique combination serves as an effective teaching tool that heightens student engagement while fostering self-directed learning.

Digital Compatibility & Ease-of-use:

The digital nature of this resource ensures compatibility with various online platforms such as Google Classroom or See Saw. It works across multiple devices like modern Androids, iPads, iPhones and Kindle Fires. Assigning tasks is made even more effortless with Fast Pins that provide immediate feedback for self-grading purposes.

Note: There are potentially more advanced features available via Boom Learning platform infrastructure that allow tracking progress should you opt for upgrading to a premium account. Regardless this product remains fully functional under free trial services provided by Boom Learning without any commitment.
The Resource Overview:
- Vital information
- Boundary Violations
- Digital Compatibility & Ease-of-use
- Task Cards
- Learning Engagement

Functional Group Settings:

It accommodates broader interaction with Smartboards providing utility in classroom discussion scenarios as well as small concentrated groups or even individual assignments at home. It is particularly useful for homeschoolers seeking to introduce life skills into their curriculum.

What's Included

A 24 Boom Card Deck on personal boundaries.

Resource Tags

personal boundariesErin's Lawboundary violationsgrooming behavioursself-directed learning

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