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About This Product

Managing Stress Hyperdoc: An Exceptional Teaching Resource

The Managing Stress Hyperdoc is a teaching resource designed exclusively for educators who aim to equip students with essential life skills. It's designed for students between grade 6 and grade 12 and can be used in various learning settings - homeschooling, public schooling, whole groups or small groups.

This interactive hyperdoc imparts knowledge about stress at different levels. The content is segmented into four engaging sections:

  • Read & Learn
  • Explore
  • Think & Respond
  • Apply
About the Segments:

In the 'Read & Learn' segment, foundational knowledge about stress is delivered through articles and videos accessible via links. Following this section comes 'Explore', where real-world relevance of the concept is established.

The subsequent 'Think & Respond' section facilitates not only absorption of knowledge but also allows sharing of perspectives by providing space within the document for responses. Finally, in the practical 'Apply' segment, learners find meaningful application for their newly acquired knowledge.

Addition Google Docs:

To complement this study are two Google Docs that encourage self-reflection regarding stress management:

  1. An interview log to detail personal methods used to manage stress. <2>A three-day consistent log of identified personal stressors and coping strategies.
Note:Your Managing Stress Hyperdoc file will come as a PDF containing a link at its top your school's domain-specific integration before individual copies are sent.

Why choose the Managing Stress Hyperdoc?

This tool is passionately crafted to educate young minds about crucial life skills such as stress management, making it an indispensable addition to any curriculum.

What's Included

A PDF with a link to the hyperdoc under the title embedded in the image at the top of the first page.

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managing stress life skills interactive learning stress management strategies student-centered learning

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