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The Adolescent Brain SEL Hyperdoc

The Adolescent Brain SEL Hyperdoc
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About This Product

The Adolescent Brain SEL Hyperdoc

This teaching resource is centered on the fascinating subject of the adolescent brain, crafted for use in grade levels 5 through 12. It navigates through special resources and life studies modules, enhancing students' life skills.

Detailed Roadmap to Understand The Adolescent Brain

It starts with a reading and learning section, followed by four distinct multimedia resources - three video links and an informative article. The diverse formats cater to different student learning styles.

Promoting Discussion and Active Learning

Thought-provoking questions, tied in with these resources promote interactive learning experiences, stimulating critical thinking, empathic responses linking scientific concepts with real-world examples.

Theory Application through Activities

The explorative sections are followed by an activity that seeks to bring theory into practice aiding knowledge retention while offering opportunities for performance assessments beyond quizzes or exams.
  • Easily incorporated into various educational settings.
  • Crafted realistically for grade level appropriateness (5-12).
  • Available as a Google Doc embedded within a PDF file allowing interactivity if used digitally.
  • Fully editable according to specific learner needs or curriculum dynamics ensuring utmost flexibility.
In summing up - the simplicity yet innovative approach of this tool adds great depth to instruction helping students understand complex subjects more effortlessly.

What's Included

A PDF with the Google Doc link embedded into the image. Click the image right below the title.

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