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About This Product

Self-Care Hyperdoc: A Comprehensive Educational Tool

The Self-Care Hyperdoc helps in promoting the importance of personal wellness among students in today's fast-paced world. It's crucial for young learners to understand and incorporate self-care strategies into their daily routines, especially when they feel stressed or overwhelmed.

This resource has been designed with versatility and can fit within multiple teaching settings - from classrooms and group studies to one-on-one lessons and homework assignations. Its digital nature makes it easily usable for remote learning setups.

Major Areas of Learning:

  • Reading and Understanding:
  • Exploring:
  • Thinking & Responding
  • Applying Newly Acquired Knowledge

Detailed 21-Question Self-Care Survey :

A key feature is a detailed 21-question self-care survey with a scoring sheet—an engaging method for students to measure their personal wellness behavior while offering insights into student perspectives.

Educational Video Links on Self-Care:

The hyperdoc offers informative video links on self-care using 'safetube' - an educational-friendly platform safe for students. Students are encouraged to interact during these sessions by clicking on images as directed.

Inclusivity Catered Within Development :
Inclusion across different schools or regions is catered towards specifically during product development; ensuring sharing documents via Google Docs under different school domains remains hassle-free.
Note:This versatile hyperdoc isn't exclusive to any particular subject but integrates smoothly into all subjects where life skills might be discussed or taught—making it suitable for grades five through twelve!

Obtaining Access :

Access is gained through a PDF carrying an embedded link to the Google Doc which resides beneath its title image.

In conclusion, the Self-Care Hyperdoc represents an easy-to-adopt but efficient approach in nurturing students' awareness towards self-care, stress management and their holistic development.

What's Included

A PDF with the link of the Google Doc in the image below the title of the document.

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