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Self-Care Hyperdoc

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About This Product

In this hyperdoc, students will learn about the importance of self-care. Now more than ever, we need students to pay attention to taking care of themselves when they are overwhelmed or stressed. In this product, students will follow my 4 main areas of a hyperdoc; 1) Read & Learn, 2) Explore, 3) Think & Respond, and 4) Apply Your Knowledge. This document also contains a 21 question self-care survey and scoring sheet I created. Students love surveys. :). It also contains Video Link (formally Safetube) informational videos on self-care and stress management (click on images as directed). This was created for remote learning but this can be done in class, assigned as homework, or given remotely as it can be 100% digital. You can easily assign this to Google Classroom. ***Tip-Please make sure to click on the survey and score sheet and make a copy of it, then insert the survey under your school's domain. I have found some school districts will only allow their domain account to receive Google Docs.

What's Included

A PDF with the link of the Google Doc in the image below the title of the document.

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