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Math Matching Games: 8 Sets of Math Fact Cards for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Decimals, and Money

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About This Product

Math Matching Games: 8 Sets of Math Fact Cards

Here's a great set of math games to add to you curriculum in grades 2-6. There are 8 different sets of cards to practice math skills across several grades.

How to Use:

  • I like using these matching games as a warm-up or as a reward at the end of class.

  • Simply shuffle one of the sets and give each student one card. Give the students a moment to determine their card’s value.

  • Then all students stand up and move SILENTLY around the room. ***(I love having this guaranteed moment of quiet)***

  • Students show their cards to each other and look for their match/card with the same value (ex. 9+9 and 15+3).

  • Matches move to the side of the room until everyone is paired up.

  • Then you can re-deal and play again!

Card Sets Included: Each set has 16 pairs- enough for a class with up to 32 students!

  • Addition facts up to twenty

  • Addition facts up to fifty

  • Subtraction facts

  • Multiplication facts

  • Division facts

  • Equivalent fractions

  • Fraction to decimal conversions

  • Money

Grades to Use With:

These matching sets can work from grade 2 through 6 depending on which sets you use! Addition and subtraction facts are great for grade 2. Multiplication and division facts and money are great for grades 3-4. Equivalent fractions and fraction to decimal conversions are great for grades 5-6. And any sets can be used to review previously learned skills!

What's Included:

A total of 33 pages in PDF Format:

Title Page and 8 sets of cards with 32 cards in each set.

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