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Pre-Algebra: Expression Input/Output Game

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8





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About This Product

Here's an easy, no-prep partner game for your unit on expressions, graphing, variables, tables, and patterns!

Simply project the expressions on the interactive whiteboard and students become an input/output machine (speaking in a robotic voice is, of course, optional). They secretly choose an expression and calculate outputs for their partner's inputs. This is great mental math practice too!

There are two levels of difficulty to help all of your students participate. Level one expressions are one step (adding, subtracting, OR multiplying). Level two expressions are two step (multiplying AND adding or multiplying AND subtracting).

Teacher Instructions:

o  Project these tables on the interactive whiteboard.

o  Students work in pairs.

o  One member starts as the “expression machine.” They secretly choose an expression from either table.

o  Their partner tells them an input number. They put it into the expression and say what the output would be.

o  Play until the partner can guess what expression they chose. Then switch roles.

Grades to use with: This game could work well in classrooms with students in grades 5-8. It could be an introduction to algebra in the younger grades or a warm-up game for older students. It could also be used in high school special education classrooms to introduce algebra concepts in a much more approachable way.



Write, read, and evaluate expressions in which letters stand for numbers.

British Columbia, Canada: Learning Standard Grade 6 Math: Patterns, Expressions, Tables, and Graphs

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What's Included

One page game instructions in PDF format

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