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Measurement: Angles - Practice the Skill 3 - FLASH-MAC

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Grade 3, 4, 5

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Measurement: Angles - Practice the Skill 3 - FLASH-MAC

An engaging and exceptional educational tool designed to offer hands-on experience in understanding angles. Tailored for learners in grades 3 to 5, it addresses fundamental knowledge areas of mathematics with a specific focus on measurements. This learning resource equips students with:
  • Practical exercise resources – timed drill activities that challenge students to estimate measurements of given angles.
  • A Protractor Tool - for practical application during these exercises.
  • Inclusive Interactive Features- includes Spanish voice-over and text options, reinforcing that learning transcends language barriers.

Conformance to standards: Meeting guidelines set by
  1. The Common Core State Standards,
  2. The STEM initiatives,
  3. The National Council of Teachers Mathematics (NCTM) standards.
As an Educator or homeschooling parent,, you can:
  • Use it during whole group lessons for a unified approach while teaching measurement concepts,
  • Distribute in smaller groups depending on each student's proficiency level,
  • Leverage as homework assignment enrichment tasks.
Finally, this user-friendly software is available for Mac platforms. The one included product file runs smoothly without disruption paving the way for seamless learning experiences centered around mastering angle measurements fundamentally. In conclusion, Measurement: Angles - Practice the Skill 3 - FLASH-MAC establishes itself as an educational asset worth integrating into any math-oriented instructional setting seeking compliance from reliable pedagogic standards and maintaining high levels of engagement amongst learners.

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