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Measurement: Volume & Surface Area - Practice the Skill 2 - FLASH-MAC

Measurement: Volume & Surface Area - Practice the Skill 2 - FLASH-MAC
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Grade 3, 4, 5

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About This Product

Measurement: Volume & Surface Area - Practice The Skill 2- FLASH-MAC: An Educational Resource for Modern Classroom

This highly-valuable asset is designed for educators across public schools and homeschooling setups. Primarily targeted at students in grades 3 to 5, it focuses on the subject of math with a specialty in measurement.

  • Practice-the-Skill Approach: Emphasizing curriculum-based knowledge, the product offers interactive computation drills focusing on volume and surface area measurements.
  • Bilingual Content: It caters to a broader classroom setting with voice-over and text options available both in English and Spanish.
  • Adaptable Usage: Depending on educators' needs, this tool can be used for whole class discussions or small group activities. Its digital format (Mac software) also facilitates remote teaching scenarios and self-learning sessions.
  • Included Resources:The package contains vital math resources aiding learners during lessons thus ensuring more effective understanding of concepts being taught.

In alignment with Common Core State Standards and STEM initiatives, this resource is written according to NCTM guidelines reflecting its high-quality design meant for enhancing student achievement, especially towards learning goals related to volume & surface areas measurements.

Apart from being an educational tool itself, "Measurement: Volume & Surface Area - Practice The Skill 2- FLASH-MAC", serves as an intersect between technology integration into education facilitating modern pedagogical methods expanding choices for educators aiming improved learning outcomes.

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