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MLK Door Set: Multi-Cultural/Racial Awareness


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About This Product

This door kit is made with the greatest intent to promote love/racial/multi-cultural awareness and standing together to lift up one another.

What's Included

+ letters are black and white outlines (you choose the colors you want)

+ colored letters included too (optional)

+ variety of colored hands (blank version included too)

+ colored world (blank version included as well)

+ stars for background (optional)

+ letters are saved in PDF and PNG format to make easier to use with a cutting machine

+ can be used as a bulletin board as well

Check the PDF to find everything you need. The PNG file contains the letters to use with a cutting machine

**I simply used white copy paper and colored card stock to complete this door** This quote is truly one of inspiration, and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed creating it.

If you're familiar with my other products, please note: These resources are larger in scale and therefore do not include the poster option

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