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Modern Leopard Rainbow Digital Planner Stickers

Modern Leopard Rainbow Digital Planner Stickers
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About This Product

Introducing the Modern Leopard Rainbow Digital Planner Stickers

A unique instructional tool that educators across various disciplines will find handy for their digital teaching requirements.

This resource contains:
  • 25 distinctive stickers
  • Each sticker is a hand-illustrated doodles in the vibrant colors of the rainbow.

Add aesthetic visual elements while also integrating an element of fun into both teaching and learning experiences. They can be employed as markers, notifiers or merely embellishments to enhance attention or highlight important points during instruction.

The scope for using these digital planner stickers spans beyond traditional subjects like art & music and graphic arts:
  • They can practically fit anywhere a marker would be beneficial in reminding students about upcoming topics or tasks.
  • They're very versatile, capable of being resized, rotated and reused as per demand making them perfect for use across slides or docs during whole class instructions or smaller interactive group activities.
Moreover, these modern leopard rainbow stickers carry two noticeable features that make them incredibly user friendly:
  1. Naming: Each individual sticker has its file named for easy reference so you don't spend unnecessary time searching through all the options available every time you need one specific sticker!
  2. Variety Of Formats: They come in well-structured formats including 25 individual PNG files ready to use directly onto your preferred platform along with a pre-cropped GoodNotes file on a horizontal planner page convenient for importing into your favorite journal or planner!

These tools aren't grade-specific meaning any level can leverage them seamlessly from elementary kids scribbling away in their notebooks to teenagers preparing slide-decks!


Subsume Modern Leopard Rainbow Digital Planner Stickers into your teaching toolkit today and watch how they brighten up both classroom interactions and homework assignments while enhancing pedagogical efficiency all around.

What's Included

There are 25 stickers included, which come in 2 different formats:

- 25 Individual PNG files

- Pre-cropped GoodNotes file (in a horizontal planner page ready to import into your favorite journal or planner!)

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