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Cozy Study Vibes Digital Planner Stickers

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About This Product

Cozy Study Vibes Digital Planner Stickers: A Versatile Teaching Resource

Cozy Study Vibes Digital Planner Stickers is a unique teaching resource, designed to enhance the learning experience for students while boosting efficiency for teachers. This set consists of fifteen distinct, hand-drawn doodle stickers with varying educational functions.

You can integrate these resources into all kinds of educational platforms, since these aren't grade-specific.

Aesthetic Appeal and Practical Use

In addition to providing artistic flair, these digital planner stickers also offer practical use in lesson planning content presentation. Teachers can incorporate them into digital planners or journals and even PowerPoint presentations or Instagram stories.

User-friendly Design

The Cozy Study Vibes Digital Planner Stickers are available in two different formats: fifteen individual PNG files plus pre-cropped GoodNotes file, which smoothly fit into most popular journaling apps or planners.
Each file is clearly labeled for easy reference making it hassle-free to blend with your online curriculum.

  • Use them during large group projects as an aesthetic aid and collaborative tool.
  • Incorporate them during small group discussions as an organizational tool.
  • Potentially assign them for homework tasks that encourage self-expression through artistry within solitary learning environments.
Digital-only Product:

No physical shipping required! Just download instantly upon transaction completion thanks to its PNG image format type. Venture boldly into new-age education methods infused with technology combined with classical wisdom by enhancing your teaching style using our unique Cozy Study Vibes Digital Planner Stickers!

What's Included

There are 15 stickers included, which come in 2 different formats:

- 15 Individual PNG files

- Pre-cropped GoodNotes file (in a horizontal planner page ready to import into your favorite journal or planner!)

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