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My Bucket of Worries Worksheet

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Anxiety and worry can weigh heavily on children’s minds, but actually identifying specific concerns is the critical first step toward relief. This printable “My Bucket of Worries” worksheet gives students a dedicated space to mindfully process fears in their life, big and small. The act of dumping worries out to examine them objectively alleviates overwhelming feelings while building healthy coping strategies.

This creatively designed write-and-respond worksheet guides stressed children to get worries out of their head by listing them concretely. First they illustrate examples of things causing anxiety, like fights with friends, math tests, remembering homework, messy rooms, etc. This shifts worrying from an emotion to externalized concepts now on paper. Children then write the things that make them feel better and the calming strategies that work for them. The visual on the sheet is that of a bucket being filled with all their worries and then a tap that represents calming strategies shows the worries empty out of the bucket.

Guiding students to pinpoint, process and problem-solve worries before overwhelming emotions set in is essential. This simple yet clever bucket worksheet achieves that, lightening children’s load.

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This resources includes a PDF printable worksheet

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