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Social Anxiety Worksheet

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Social interactions can stir unease for sensitive students. This therapeutic worksheet helps kids unpack personal social anxiety triggers and equip themselves with coping strategies to navigate stressful situations with more ease. Managing social anxiety is an pivotal skill for wellbeing. This insightful worksheet helps children identify personalized triggers and emotions surrounding social situations that feel uncomfortable. By recognizing their unique social stressors, kids can discover helpful confidence-building strategies.

The worksheet first has a section for children to color which situations give them social anxiety, then they can think about what other emotions they experience when feeling anxious and finally they can think about what calming down strategies help them. The emotions and coping sections allow students to dig deeper to identify emotions like fear, sadness or embarrassment and helpful self-soothing techniques such as positive self-talk or focused breathing.

Teachers can use it alongside social-emotional learning lessons on self-esteem. Counselors may incorporate it into sessions exploring social skills or anxiety management. Caregivers can complete it at home with children feeling isolated from peers.

The flexible format makes examining social anxiety feel safe and constructive rather than shaming. Instead of criticism for shyness, kids gain tools to rediscover inner assurance and manage difficult interactions. This simple yet insightful worksheet transforms reflection into action plans for social success.

This resource includes a pdf worksheet

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