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Calming Down with the 5 Senses Poster

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About This Product

Finding calm when anxious is a pivotal skill for wellbeing. This mindfulness poster anchors kids in the present moment using the five senses. Featuring vibrant graphics of eyes, hands, ears, nose and mouth, it guides simple yet effective emotional regulation strategies accessible anywhere. If children are anxious or even experiencing a panic attack this technique can help ground them and calm them back down. Engaging your senses in this way helps anchor you in the present, diverting your attention from anxious thoughts.

Placing this poster in classrooms, counseling offices, or bedrooms reinforces centering habits through the senses versus spiraling worries. Teachers can reference it during social-emotional lessons when tensions run high. Therapists might walk clients through it when dredging up painful memories. Caregivers can practice along with children before anxiety-inducing events.

The versatile format makes regulating emotions approachable and encouraging for all ages. Instead of harshly suppressed feelings, students learn healthy outlets and that all states pass. Return breathing becomes a portable toolbox for relief.

Simple yet profoundly grounding, this 5 senses calming poster transforms any space into a mindfulness reminder. By tuning into sensory experiences surrounding us, children discover emotional peace is available here and now.

This resource includes a color pdf poster

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