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NO PRINT Articulation at Home - Voiced TH Edition for Distance Learning

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About This Product

NO PRINT Articulation at Home - Voiced TH Edition for Distance Learning

This resource is a powerful tool designed to aid in the development of speech skills among students, particularly those with frontal and lateral lisps. Its comprehensive features allow educators to support student improvement inside and outside the classroom.

  • Digital shareability for easy collaboration between learners, parents, and educators.
  • Movable circles that track improvement day by day.
  • An audio guide with recorded instructions and models for sound production.

This resource supports most computer systems equipped with Adobe Reader

Focused Practice:
  • The practice sections are broken down by word position—initial, medial, or final—for targeted work wherever it's most needed.

Note: Please refrain from uploading this material onto public shared drives or sharing them amongst colleagues who are not handling your caseload-- whether they be parents or fellow educators. Adherence secures ethical credibility besides safeguarding professional authorship rights.

In Conclusion...

The NO PRINT Articulation at Home - Voiced TH Edition represents research-driven instruction. By providing engaging fun aspects that facilitate effective participation, it transcends traditional learning environments effortlessly!

What's Included

This pack includes the following:

/ð/ in isolation

/ð/ in syllables

/ð/ word-initial, medial and final position words

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