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NO PRINT Articulation at Home - Voiced TH Edition for Distance Learning



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About This Product

FINALLY, an interactive digital resource that you can share with your students and their families to encourage home carryover for that malingering "the" sound. This is a NO PRINT resource that can easily be emailed, downloaded to a desktop/laptop/iPad/tablet, and used as a guide for home practice.

What makes this so interactive for students?

  • Moveable circle to track the practice day

  • Moveable circle to rate how tired their tongue is (just for fun!)

  • Recorded instructions for sound production

  • Recorded models for sound in isolation, syllables, and single words

  • Checkable boxes to track repetitions

  • Moveable circle on Articulation Staircase to track Mastery Progress

*This is the only interactive feature accessible when using a personal device, such as an iPad when copied to Apple Books.

Computer System Requirements for Best Interactivity:

  • Adobe Reader

  • Adobe Flash Player

  • Select "Trust this Document" to enable 3D content (recordings)

But wait....can I share this digital resource in your terms of use?

  • YES - if you're sharing with students on YOUR caseload

  • YES - if you're sharing with parents of students on YOUR caseload

  • YES - if you're sharing with your own household

  • NO - if you're uploading to a public shared drive

  • NO - if you're sharing with a colleague

Please ask any questions you may have before purchasing.

What's Included

This pack includes the following:

/ð/ in isolation

/ð/ in syllables

/ð/ word-initial, medial and final position words

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