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NO PRINT Articulation at Home - Voiceless TH Edition for Distance Learning

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About This Product

NO PRINT Articulation at Home - Voiceless TH Edition for Distance Learning

This resource is designed to improve the speech articulation skills of students learning from home. It specifically addresses frontal and lateral lisps and provides interactive digital material useful for home practice.

  • Easily shared and downloaded onto personal devices like desktops, laptops, iPads, or tablets.
  • Interactive features designed for student engagement including a movable circle for tracking practice days and evaluating tongue tiredness, recorded instructions on sound production, and models for sounds in isolation along with syllables.
It's recommended to use Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player on computers. To enable 3D content (recordings), users should select "Trust this Document".

The resource can be shared responsibly with students on your case-load as well as parents or within your household. However, sharing publicly via a shared drive or directly with colleagues isn't permissible under the terms.


Covers various stages of word formation from:
  • The isolation stage including the t-insertion section;
  • Syllables where there's another 't-insertion' section;
  • To different positions in words such as initial medial.

Although tailored specifically towards speech therapy purposes under special resources categories, it doesn't confine itself within grade boundaries implying its relevance is broad-based irrespective of grade level schooling; serving equally well from primary school right through high-school grades. This teaching aid offers comprehensive guidance.

Usage: The content package comes as a PDF format allowing easy access across different platforms without any compatibility issues. Summary: The NO PRINT Articulation is an excellent resource for teachers, parents, and students in need of speech therapy tools during distance learning. This versatile tool can be utilized in various settings such as whole groups or smaller groups. It can be used as individual homework assignment material effectively supporting a targeted approach to speech improvement.

What's Included

This pack includes the following:

/θ/ in isolation

/θ/ in syllables

/θ/ word-initial, medial, and final position words

Resource Tags

distance learning articulation therapy frontal lisps lateral lisps interactive material

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