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NO PRINT Back to School Articulation - V Edition for Distance Learning

NO PRINT Back to School Articulation - V Edition for Distance Learning
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About This Product

Expose your students to Back to School themed vocabulary while addressing articulation skills! This is a No Print, interactive, iPad-friendly activity pack with stimuli for the /v/ phoneme with increasing linguistic complexity (words to sentences). Although this pack was created with a virtual classroom in mind, you’ll the NO PREP aspect of target words at your fingertips. This articulation packet focuses on a select set of words for each word position. Your students will love the game “What’s in my ….?” embedded in the activity!

What makes this interactive and user-friendly? Use the “home” menu pages to navigate to a selected skill, with the option to return "home" at any point. The stimuli are embedded in a “What’s in my ….?” game, where the student selects one of the eight pictured objects to view the targeted word/stimuli. Click on the game icon (cubby, lunch bag, satchel) to look for more items (target words).

What's Included

Here's what is included in this fun pack:

8 stimuli for initial position of words

8 stimuli for medial position of words

8 stimuli for final position of words

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