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NO PRINT Back to School Articulation - V Edition for Distance Learning

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About This Product

No Print Back to School Articulation - V Edition for Distance Learning: An Overview

The No Print Back to School Articulation - V Edition for Distance Learning is a teaching resource that provides an engaging and interactive platform to help students from preschool up until grade 6 develop their articulation skills, while being exposed to school-related vocabulary. This activity pack focuses on the /v/ phoneme.

  • This resource gradually progresses in complexity, moving from words to sentences. It is suitable for learners at various stages of their educational journey.
  • The no-print aspect of this resource stands out, providing an easy way of having target words ready without needing any printouts. The primary focus is the virtual classroom but it can be used in different types of learning contexts such as whole group instruction or small group exercises.
  • The packet centers around a predetermined set of words for each word position and involves a game called What's in my ....?, which features eight pictured objects hiding the targeted word or stimuli - sure to captivate learners!
  • User-friendly navigation within the packet has been embedded, with home menu pages guiding users through selected skills effortlessly and providing options to return home from anywhere within the exercise.

To conclude, educators using No Print Back-to-School Articulation- V Edition for Distance Learning will find this resource convenient and effortless compared to traditional methods. It’s idealistic nature eliminates any need for printouts and brings about engaging activities that aid in building language skills among students.
Furthermore, consider purchasing the bundle version! This includes additional components missing from single packs – so don't miss out!

What's Included

Here's what is included in this fun pack:

8 stimuli for initial position of words

8 stimuli for medial position of words

8 stimuli for final position of words

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articulation practice distance learning virtual classroom interactive platform school vocabulary

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