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NO PRINT Back to School Language Pack for Distance Learning

NO PRINT Back to School Language Pack for Distance Learning
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About This Product

NO PRINT Back to School Language Pack for Distance Learning

The NO PRINT Back to School Language Pack for Distance Learning is a comprehensive, interactive tool designed for facilitating seamless and dynamic language instruction in the virtual classroom. Catering to a range of grades and adaptable to various instructional methods, it offers convenience for educators with its digitized presentation format.

Described as iPad-friendly, this pack addresses the current rise of distance learning while also providing an efficient resource for face-to-face teaching scenarios. Rooted in a charming back-to-school theme, it can easily engage young learners. The included "Pack a Lunch" game serves as both reinforcement and an incentive that encourages students’ active involvement in lessons.

Main Objectives:

  • Cultivate receptive and expressive language proficiency in students by integrating diverse concepts
  • Including 105 interactive pages featuring:
    • Analogies with pictured choices that bolster logical thinking
    • Pronouns (subjective, objective & possessive) sections fostering grammatical accuracy Prepositions sections enhancing spatial understanding;
    • Description (compare & contrast) aspects promoting analytical skills;
    • Inferences with pictured choices aimed at improving comprehension competencies;
    • Covering plurals exercises focused on regularity & irregularity grasp along with verb agreement units nudging consistent subject-reference constructs.
  • Distinguishing Feature: User-Friendly Interface

    The digital resource pack has incorporated navigation buttons such as 'home' allow quick access to different sections while options like 'next' optimize progress through content areas - further simplifying usage both by educators and learners.

    In essence, whether utilized during whole group instructions or small group tutorials or even issued for individual homework assignments - this inclusive Back-to-School themed Language Pack represents multi-faceted linguistic practice aimed at boosting academic performance while making distance learning more productive yet enjoyable.

What's Included

This pack contains the following:

15 pages of Analogies with Pictured Choices

30 pages of Pronouns (Subjective, Objective & Possessive)

15 pages of Prepositions

15 pages of Descriptions (Compare & Contrast)

15 pages of Inferences with Pictured Choices

15 pages of Plurals (10 Regular, 5 Irregular)

15 pages of Verb Agreement with Subject Reference

BONUS Pack a Lunch Reinforcer Game

Resource Tags

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