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NO PRINT Scare the Crows Articulation - R Edition for Distance Learning

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About This Product

NO PRINT Scare the Crows Articulation - R Edition for Distance Learning

The NO PRINT Scare the Crows Articulation - R Edition for Distance Learning is an immersive and engaging teaching resource designed with your students in mind. Perfectly integrated into public school lessons, as well as homeschool curriculums, offering an enriching addition to both settings.

A Game-Like Approach to Learning

This innovative tool captivates students through progression-based learning. As they master correct pronunciations of phonemes within words, phrases and sentences, they visually partake in a fun narrative of a growing cornfield infested by crows. With each lexical achievement, students help construct a scarecrow that sends the pesky bird away!

  • Autumn-themed words per word position sound accompany the growth of corn stalks (for single-word targets), crow landings (target words in phrases), and scarecrow building (target words framed into silly sentences).
  • A total sum of 24 targets available for each initial, medial and final positioning.

User-Friendly Interactive Experience

An interaction-friendly attribute lies in its game-like finale where clicking on the completed scarecrow prompts crows to scatter away- quite celebratory after all those successful articulations!

Incorporating Challenges:
Complex challenges are included with carefully crafted phrases and sentences containing multiple target sounds.
  • Caters perfectly either for whole-group instruction where learners can compete against each other or small group sessions that focus on collaboration between few individuals.
  • Serves as homework assignments these activities serve both reinforcement purposes or advancement challenges!
The resource houses 8 specific targets per category:
  1. Initial position of words
  2. Medial position
  3. Final position; alongside /r/ blends– presenting you a wide range to alternate according to learner needs.

Nurturing Articulation & Interaction-housed within One Resource!

Inspiring interaction while nurturing articulation – this product reassures your decision to be an educator. We recommend this comprehensive articulation pack for those who seek a versatile material adaptable across varied teaching methods and student abilities. For any queries before purchasing, ensure to clarify all details, guaranteeing your full understanding of this accessible and user-friendly resource.

What's Included

This pack contains the following:

8 targets for the initial position of words

8 targets for the medial position of words

8 targets for the final position of words

8 targets for /r/ blends

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