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Number & Operations: Base-Ten & Place Value for 3rd-5th - Practice the Skill 2 - PC Software

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Place Value


Grade 3, 4, 5

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About This Product

Number & Operations: Base-Ten & Place Value for 3rd-5th - Practice the Skill 2 - PC Software

This is an innovative digital educational tool, exclusively designed to assist in teaching the number and operations' base-ten and place value concept. Tailored for learners from 3rd through to 5th grade, this resource contains engaging timed drill activities. These interactive tasks help learners accurately discern the numbers represented by base-ten blocks while keeping them fully engaged in learning.

Curriculum alignment:

  • Meticulously developed in line with Common Core State Standards, STEM initiatives, as well as NCTM guidelines.
  • Ideal for public school teachers or homeschooling educators, providing efficiency to your teaching process.


  • Inclusive of both English and Spanish speakers.
  • Coupled with text translations and high-quality voiceover options for a language-neutral learning environment free of communication barriers.

Purchasing this resourceful material from gives you access to an easy-to-manage zip file that contains all necessary PC software components gathered together for seamless integration into your teaching journey. It's a precise tool needed to successfully impart this crucial Math subtopic!


This adept resource can be used for whole group instructions in classrooms or small group exercises during individual tutor sessions or even assigned as homework assignments; enhancing understanding while catalyzing academic growth among students at these grades level.

Optimize your instructional delivery today by adding the Number & Operations Base-Ten learning resource to your tools! An unprecedented opportunity awaits you, empowering learners while tapping deeply into their mathematical potential with this unparalleled software-focused tool.

What's Included

1 zip file with PC software

Resource Tags

math lesson plan place value lesson base-ten math skills operations

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