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Number & Operations - Digital Lesson Plan Gr. 3-5 - FLASH-PC

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Grade 3, 4

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About This Product

Number & Operations - Digital Lesson Plan Gr. 3-5 - FLASH-PC

This comprehensive teaching resource focuses on the needs of students between grades 3 and 5, centreing around Number & Operations. The program aligns well with both the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) curriculum and your State Math Strand.

Content & Structure

The digital lesson plan compiles over 230 individual activities across more than 80 interactive screen pages. Include are task-oriented learning sessions and drills to enrich your students' learning experience.

Evaluation Procedures

  • Pre-assessment activities preceding each new concept for effective progress tracking.
  • Incorporation of word problems mirroring real-life scenarios linking math concepts to everyday experiences.
  • An end-of-chapter assessment quiz meant for evaluating students’ understanding post concept introduction.

Educational Tools

The material offers an assortment of math tools in both imperial and metric systems, paired with an English or Spanish 'text-to-speech' function encouraging inclusivity in diverse classrooms. Tools include:

  1. User-friendly printables,

  2. Fascinating interactive lessons,

  3. A test preparations guide for educators' support during intensive teaching periods,

Besides, recreational elements are incorporated through memory match games, board games, spinner games to nurture engagement among pupils. Moreover, this program offers versatility by allowing you as an educator to implement it as a classroom instruction tool or assign individual sections as homework tasks based on student requirements. With the Number & Operations – Digital Lesson Plan Gr.3-5 - FLASH-PC, navigating through complex Numbers concepts becomes a breeze for students! This tool reflects organized, thoroughly detailed and interactive math instruction.

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