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Number & Operations: Grouping Objects & Number Lines - Practice the Skill 2 - FLASH-MAC

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Grade 1, 2

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About This Product

Numbers & Operations: Grouping Objects & Number Lines - Practice the Skill 2 - FLASH-MAC

This teaching resource bridges the gap between understanding and practical application of number operations, focusing on grouping objects and number lines. Specially designed for first and second-grade students, this activity not only challenges them with stimulating math problems but also enhances their analytical skills.

Main Features:
  • Inclusive Design: Accommodates diverse student needs with both English and Spanish voice over options accompanied by text explanations.
  • Benchmark Alignment: Content aligns well with Common Core State Standards making it easy for teachers to incorporate these activities into their lesson plans.
  • STEM-Oriented: Aids in 21st-century skill development among young learners as per current pedagogical focuses on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).
  • NCTM Adherence: Maintains dedication to numeracy principles outlined by National Council of Teachers Mathematics(NCTM) offering an innovative approach towards mathematics education.

In terms of instructional usage, there are multiple possibilities for how educators can integrate these activities either into a classroom or home-based learning environment. It effectively serves for independent practice or revision sessions post-lessons on related mathematical concepts. Moreover, due to its compatibility with Mac systems (Digital Format) , it provides flexibility while accommodating interactive various settings like:

  • - Whole group discussions demonstrating problem-solving techniques,
  • - Learner-led small groups where peer-instruction could help reinforce understanding,
  • - Individual assignments aimed at homework revision fostering self-learning, and more.
  • Bonus Feature: -

    The software includes a "Math Tools" set overlaying a practical touch to the intangible world of numbers.

    In conclusion,

    Numbers & Operations: Grouping Objects & Number Lines - Practice The Skill 2 - FLASH-MAC lets educators enrich their students' math abilities in line with recognised academic standards while ensuring an engaging and inclusive learning experience.

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