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Number & Operations: Multiplication & Division - Practice the Skill 3 - FLASH-MAC

Number & Operations: Multiplication & Division - Practice the Skill 3 - FLASH-MAC
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Grade 3, 4, 5

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Number & Operations: Multiplication & Division - Practice the Skill 3 - FLASH-MAC

An exceptional teaching resource, specifically designed to enhance practical multiplication and division skills. It's suitable for Grade 3, Grade 4, and Grade 5 educators in both traditional public schools and homeschool settings.

  • Dynamic Learning: Engage students with timed drill activities. Students will solve provided equations, helping them build precision over time.
  • Educator Tools: Comprehensive math tools can reinforce student understanding. A user-friendly interface allows seamless navigation within the learning modes.
  • Dual Language Suitability: Cater to diverse educational languages with default English voice-over text and available Spanish versions. This ensures inclusion and smooth communication during instruction or independent student revision sessions.
  • Educational Standards Alignment:Faithfully aligns with recognised educational standards such as Common Core State Standards, according to National Council Of Teachers Of Mathematics (NCTM) guidelines, assuring that instruction methodologies resonate universally in math education.
  • Versatile Deployment:Mainly used for whole group teaching sessions or personalized tutoring for small groups or individual students who may need extra support. Also serves well as homework assignments fostering independent study habits among learners at home

Incorporated into a single software installation file consciously designed for Mac operating systems,this is an essential toolkit that aids constructive interactions around mathematics instructions at Grades 3-5 levels


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