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Number Quantity Custom Cards | Color Trace Dot BUNDLE

About This Product

Number Quantity Custom Cards | Color Trace Dot BUNDLE

An excellent teaching resource for educators in various settings including public schools and homeschooling. It provides an exciting way for students to learn and understand fundamental math concepts such as numeracy and basic place value skills.

The multi-functional interactive flashcards featured in this bundle serve as task cards, ideal for small group activities or individual projects. The cards can easily transition into customized books or posters, showcasing the creative abilities of students while supporting their academic progress.

Vibrant Learning Experience

The Number Quantity Custom Cards add a spark of vibrancy to learning mathematics with numbers 1 to 10 corresponding quantities presented in three distinct sets: color, trace, and dot. This fun-filled approach facilitates clear concept understanding through a multisensory teaching technique that holistically engages learners.

  • Unique themes: ranging from boats and dinosaurs to UFOs offer an engaging variety that caters to different interests.

  • Decoration potential: imbues bulletin boards with academic charm bringing math creatively alive within your classroom environment.

Beyond the Classroom Hours

These flashcards are not only perfect for use during classroom hours but also make great homework assignments over weekends or school breaks crafting a continuity of learning while encouraging independence amongst Preschoolers, Kindergarten pupils, and 1st graders.

Suitable In Various Learning Environments

This teaching resource occupies a valuable space in Special Education Needs (SEN), Craft Lessons alongside early mathematics instruction adding enriching diversity within your educational tools reservoir ensuring you have suitable resources within easy reach whenever required.

Creative Learning While Instilling Essential Numeracy Skills

Promoting creativity while instilling essential numeracy skills amongst learners has never been more engaging than with these color trace dot bundles complete with each pack featuring A4-sized worksheets allowing seamless integration with other manipulatives like math cubes or play bricks further fostering concept mastery.

Every PDF file is seamlessly digitally accessible providing portable convenience that eases lesson planning enabling educators deliver top-notch instruction effectively shaping well-rounded learners right from their foundational stages.

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