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Operations with Rational Numbers Unit Review TASK CARDS

Operations with Rational Numbers Unit Review TASK CARDS
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About This Product

Operations with Rational Numbers Unit Review TASK CARDS

The Operations with Rational Numbers Unit Review TASK CARDS are designed as a robust teaching resource to promote the understanding and application of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division involving rational numbers. Developed in alignment with the 7th Grade Number System Standards CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.7.NS.A Series, this educational tool is an efficient solution for reinforcing math concepts while simultaneously stimulating intellectual dialogue between students.

Product Features:

  • A comprehensive set of 32 printable task cards showcasing a variety of mathematical situations requiring problem-solving skills.
  • Each task card poses a unique question or scenario that encourages students to apply strategies learnt about operations on rational numbers.
  • The tasks range from using addition and subtraction to interpreting sums of rational numbers in real-world contexts to understanding multiplication as extended from fractions.

Included Resources:

  • A printable Student Answer Sheet intended for choices recording and individual reflection.
  • An answer key provided so teachers can moderate discussions around solutions and explore different approaches towards solving mathematical problems based on the standard curriculum.

This teaching aid can be used across several teaching arrangements i.e., whole classroom engagement or smaller focus groups. It's also handy as homework assignments given its clear structure that lends itself well even to self-study scenarios.

Digital Adaptability:

The product comes with an optional version of Task Card file without answer key which teachers may post online for seamless remote learning experiences making it perfect not just for public school programs but homeschooling contexts too!

Predominantly aimed at Grade 7 pupils, these TASK CARDS offer undeniable value when utilized within Math modules focusing specifically on the sub-subject: Numbers. This easy-to-use PDF file type activity ensures that no laborious prepping is'll be good to go right upon download!

What's Included

This product contains the following resources:

1) 32 Printable Task Cards

2) Printable Student Answer Sheet

3) Answer Key

4) Optional version of Task Card file without answer key to POST ONLINE for students to reference at home or in a computer lab.

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