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PE Manipulative Skills Series: Catching Task Cards

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About This Product

Physical Education Manipulative Skills: Catching Task Cards is a supplemental teaching resource for educators to use in enhancing students' catching abilities. The 24 task cards offer students a variety of catching challenges to build competency. Tasks range from catching foam balls to scarves using one or both hands. Educators may implement the cards as individual student stations, in small groups utilizing a hands-on rotation model, or during whole group instruction with the teacher projecting the task card images. The differentiated nature of the resources allows for use across multiple grade levels in targeting gross motor skills. Cards can be printed in color or black and white with options for one or two per page to accommodate diverse classroom needs. This teacher-created resource assists physical education teachers, classroom teachers, and homeschooling parents in evaluating and advancing essential manipulative competencies in catching.

What's Included

12-page PDF

24-page PDF

24-slide PowerPoint

24 JPG files

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