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Pictorial Math Multiplication Flashcards | SPACE BUNDLE

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About This Product

These Pictorial Math Multiplication Flashcards | SPACE BUNDLE are

perfect for both public school educators and homeschoolers, is designed to make multiplication learning engaging and memorable.

The set features flashcard materials for multiplication ranging from 1-10 x 1-12. These aren’t just your average cards; they are adaptable and versatile. Whether you're teaching a lesson, highlighting them on a bulletin board, or using them as visual aids during instruction, these cards fit the bill. The space-themed backgrounds filled with colorful imagery are sure to capture the attention and imagination of your students.

If you're familiar with the standard A4 individual cards from WORDS ASIDE, you'll notice these are a tad smaller, offering convenience without sacrificing clarity. On each page, you'll find three unique versions of the same multiplication fact and its factors. Here's what each version showcases:

  1. The result of the multiplication with the embedded factor.

  2. The result with the factor displayed sequentially at the bottom.

  3. The result accompanied by the initial segment of its equation.

For easy sorting and quick identification during lessons, the facts corresponding to each factor from 1-10 have their own unique color. And here’s a fun twist: each set of facts boasts its own distinct background image, ensuring variety and visual appeal.

The utility of this resource extends beyond mere multiplication. They can act as a visual guide for different operations and word problems, supporting understanding in repeated addition and division as well. Teachers, imagine the convenience of flipping through a laminated booklet in centers or pinning these visually pleasing cards on bulletin boards year-round. Regardless of grade, there’s a place for these cards in every elementary classroom, be it as decor, visual aids, work mats, or detailed explanations.

This 130-page PDF bundle (10 X 13) comes packed with three types of visual explanations for multiplication facts and factors. Whether you’re decking out bulletin boards, classroom walls, screens, or crafting custom task cards and books, this resource has got you covered.

At WORDS ASIDE, a plethora of resources awaits, catering to a spectrum of cognitive skills, literacy, language, and communication needs. From colored to black and white options, many materials are optimized for screen display, minimizing print hassles. Dive into the world of numeracy, basic math, and hands-on learning. Here’s to enjoyable teaching and tangible progress!

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