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Polygon Perimeter Activity

Polygon Perimeter Activity
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Grade 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

If you are looking for an engaging way to give students practice with perimeter, look no more. This is a Polygon Perimeter Activity that will give students the practice they need at home or in the classroom.

What You Get:

A 5-page low-prep printable math center.

How To Use the Polygon Perimeter Activity:

This is a low prep and easy to use hands-on math center activity that is perfect for stations or small group. Students will use string to trace the polygons on the page. Then, students use rulers to measure perimeter from the string. Student will grasp the concept using a visual approach. There are 9 polygons that students will measure including triangle, hexagon, rhombus, and square. Students will have the chance to draw their own polygon in the box on the page and then find the perimeter of their polygon. Students will love getting to complete this activity alongside their classmates.

I hope you enjoy!

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