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Shape Intervention Bins: Shape Trace

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About This Product

Shape Intervention Bins: Shape Trace

Shape Intervention Bins: Shape Trace is a valuable educational resource, which aims to strengthen students' understanding of shapes and geometry. This tool, predominantly designed for Grade 1 and Grade 2 learners, unwraps the world of Geometry in an engaging interactive format.

This teaching aid acts as a supplement to conventional teaching methods, enhancing the dynamic learning atmosphere teachers strive to create worldwide. Comprising an instructive 11-page PDF filled with details about various planar/2D shapes presented in color and black-and-white versions.

The Setup Process

  • Print out the provided cards.
  • Cut out these cards as illustrated.
  • Laminate them ensuring they last longer.
  • Add dry-erase markers and erasers into their designated storage bins.

The structure ensures drive-thru integration into small group study sessions, or whole class introductory lessons on shape identification. Moreover, this resource exhibits versatility, being suitable not only for classroom scenarios but also serving as additional practice for homework assignments or remedial activity sessions during after-school programs.

User Interaction

Giving students command over each card involves tracing over each shape using a dry-erase marker while simultaneously vocalizing each shape's name—developing both motor skills and extending their vocabulary consisting of Geometry terms.

Pupils who manage to finish all cards within one usage session will hence have improved their ability to identify various shapes accurately...
In Summary despatch by bullet point:
  • Shape Intervention Bins: Shape Trace is not just an academic aid; it also develops student independence and teamwork skills during shared bin usage times.
  • An environment-friendly solution for educators seeking a reasonable approach to make learning more hands-on and entertaining.

In summary, the elegant simplicity of Shape Intervention Bins: Shape Trace demonstrates that the fusion of education with fun needn't be troublesome or costly, thus making practical learning achievable.

What's Included

1 PDF with 11 usable pages

Resource Tags

shape identification geometry tracing interactive learning motor skills

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