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Positive Affirmations Fortune Craft, Mindfulness for Kids, SEL Craft

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Grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6



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About This Product

Positive Affirmations Fortune Craft: A Teaching Resource

The Positive Affirmations Fortune Craft is an enriching teaching resource designed to not only stimulate creativity but also foster mindfulness and social emotional learning (SEL) in kids. Aimed at grade levels 1 through 6, this tool effortlessly aligns with curricula that incorporate art, music, and holiday-themed activities.

A Hands-On Activity

Designed as a hands-on activity, the Positive Affirmations Fortune Craft encourages students to foster a DIY spirit while honing their artistic skills. The fortunes included have an emphasis on promoting positivity self-esteem and mental well-being among children. They provide them with essential tools needed to navigate emotions and challenges effectively.

Brief moments integrated into your class schedules for creating fortune tellers can significantly uplift students' moods while providing opportunities for impactful discussions about positivity. These open conversations encourage self-reflection as you ask students what they think about specific affirmations or draw examples from their own experiences of their acts of kindness.

Versatility of Use

  • The utility of this resource does not stop at group sessions; it can be used in smaller clusters or assigned as homework further ingraining these positive mantras into a child's psyche.
  • It provides ways for children to engage intellectually while interacting socially during team activities.
This product comes equipped with:
  • "24 pre-written affirmation statements"
  • .

Examples include: I am special, I will have a great day or Challenges help me grow.
In Addition:
Teachers can direct students using included blank templates where they write personalized sentiments that resonate more intimately with each individual student's life situations.

Bonus Feature: The Positive Affirmation Classroom Poster

An included bonus feature is the Positive Affirmation Classroom Poster featuring an additional 17 uplifting affirmations — perfect for reminding kids consistently of the power of positive thought!

Expand your classroom into spaces fostering positive thoughts today!

Integrate the Positive Affirmations Fortune Craft activity into your schedule and empower your students with confidence building strategies that they'll carry forth — amplifying potential lifetime outcomes.

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