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Self Care Brochure, Self Care Printable, Mindfulness Printable

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About This Product

Self Care Brochure: A Comprehensive Teaching Resource for Social Emotional Learning

The Self Care Brochure, alternatively known as the Self Care Printable or Mindfulness Printable is a crucial teaching aid, especially tailored for teachers in need of material centered on social emotional learning (SEL), life skills and social skills. This exceptional resource has been designed to cater to the varying needs of students from grade 1 all the way up to grade 7 through low prep activities.

Core Purpose

Focusing on guiding children towards holistic wellness both within and outside the confines of their classrooms is what this brochure seeks to achieve. With targeted elements designed towards nurturing self-exploration, encouraging adoption of coping mechanisms and mindfulness practices, students are steered towards healthier living by using this brochure.

This brochure carries several sections packed with small-scaled yet impactful activities:
  • Mini Self-Care Plan: Lets students delve into ways they can effectively take care of their physical and emotional selves while maintaining meaningful friendships.
  • Goal Setting: Sets stage for habits that promote achievement by allowing listing things they want to understand better or improve their skillsets in; objectives they want themselves distant from.
  • Gratitude List:A platform where students can acknowledge various aspects inciting gratefulness within them.
  • Mindful Coloring:An initiative to foster focus through deliberate application of colors.
  • Breathing Strategies:A comprehensive guidebook that acquaints pupils with techniques conducive for tranquility anchors.
  • Fresh Affirmations::Engenders confidence through varied affirmations delivery modes. -Mindful Minute Exercise:An innovative approach which advances outdoor mindfulness practice involving diligent use of one's five senses.

The brochure is offered in PDF format, suitable for whole-group instruction or small group engagement and even as homework assignments. This resource is versatility personified, enveloping varying teaching types - from regular classroom teachers to special education teachers and speech pathologists alike. Bluntly put, it comes forth as an indispensable tool in any serious educator's resources library.

In Sum

This Self Care Brochure serves as your ultimate teaching assistant particularly when it comes to incuding social emotional skill-building activities within the learning environments or catering to individual SEL needs of students.


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