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Positive Psychology Slides + Guided Notes

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12

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About This Product

Without a doubt, history is a topic that can be easily overlooked by our students. Sometimes, it can be difficult for them to make connections with the past in a way that makes sense to them. Being able to provide students with meaningful resources is the best way to get over this learning curve. Whenever you have a social studies topic to introduce or review, you want to find engaging products that you know your students will be able to learn from. Within my store, you will find a plethora of social studies resources to utilize with your students.


What You Get:


This is a set of Positive Psychology Slides + Guided Notes Resource. There are 32 slides in the presentation and 1 page for the guided notes, which is an editable Word document.


The presentation will give students the opportunity to identify basic principles of positive psychology to better understand efforts in the field of psychology to identify behaviors, mindsets, and beliefs that lead to a more fulfilling life.


The worksheet will allow students to write as they follow along with the presentation and video. This gives them a chance to follow up on what they have learned.


How To Implement This Resource:


You should print off enough copies of the lecture notes for each student to have, so they can make notes on it as they follow along with the presentation. As students work from slide-to-slide learning about the basic principles of positive psychology, look for opportunities to engage them.


Engagement may look like:

-- Having them discuss which principle resonates with them most and why

-- Doing a quick write about the difference between pleasure and enjoyment

-- Having a small group discussion about how relationships impact human experiences


I hope you enjoy!


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What's Included

A 32-slide PowerPoint

A 1-page Word Document

Resource Tags

Psychology Positive Psychology Social Studies Notes Template Guided Notes Psychology Theories Quick Write Small Group skeleton notes template

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