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Practical Life Skills - Independent Living - Accessible Audio Book Gr. 9-12+

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Life Skills


Grade 9, 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

Practical Life Skills - Independent Living: An Accessible Audio Book for Grades 9-12+

The Practical Life Skills - Independent Living is a comprehensive teaching tool curated specifically for grades 9 to 12. It equips students with essential life skills, preparing them for independent living.

Main Features

  • This resource extensively covers everyday essentials beyond the academic scope, focusing on key areas of real-life such as understanding the differences between renting and owning a home.
  • It introduces students to expenses related to independent living like utility bills and grocery shopping.
  • Learners gain knowledge on navigating public transportation systems, planning efficient commute times via bus routes.
  • Maintaining safety preparedness by encouraging creation of individual fire escape plan forms an essential part of this resource's lessons division.
  • The content promotes eco-friendly behavior and budgeting by correlating energy conservation with financial savings in real-world scenarios.

Accessibility Focus

Incorporating accessibility features such as embedded text-to-speech functionalities and customizable text sizes, ensures easy accessibility for visually impaired or those with specific learning/physical conditions impacting content interaction. The design incorporates vibrant images against sharp contrasting backgrounds to enhance visual comprehension coupled with logically sequenced bite-sized information chunks rendering sectional ease in understanding.

Versatility & Use Cases

This tool can be employed flexibly in various pedagogical methods from group-based instruction plans to individual assignments—it includes approximately 130 printable pages within a single PDF file. Applicable under "Life Skills" subsection within Special Resources; it proves handy for educators aiming at comprehensive student development—not just academically but holistically—and homeschoolers seeking supplement resources enriching their curriculum diversity extensively.


The Practical Life Skills - Independent Living offers a broad-spectrum yet easily approachable resource for encouraging student growth towards adulthood through mastering practical skills integral to independent living. It promises versatility applying from group to individual teaching methods ensuring comprehensive coverage and inclusivity in all educational settings.

What's Included

1 PDF with 130 ready to print pages

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