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Real World Life Skills - Financial Literacy Skills - Accessible Audio Book Gr. 6-12+

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About This Product

Real World Life Skills - Financial Literacy Skills

An accessible audio book designed for grades 6 through 12 students. This education resource provides a robust review of important financial and economic concepts, making it a great tool for Mathematics teachers and educators focused on life skills training.

The audio book covers various crucial topics:

  • Financial management techniques such as understanding loans, credit card pitfalls, cash flow dynamics, Asset & Debt Management.
  • Negotiation skills by walking them through the process of securing better value when shopping.
  • Understanding Credit scores and actionable tips to enhance these scores.
  • In-depth lessons pertaining to car ownership like maintenance costs, depreciation effects etc along with aspects of home ownership responsibilities.
  • A comprehensive understanding of different types of taxes as well as global economics' knowledge base inclusive coverage on cryptocurrencies related concepts.

Bearing in mind visual or physical impairments that might make traditional content hard to navigate—information is broken down into digestible sections with logical sequencing. Each lesson being straightforward yet engaging—a perfect fit whether you're conducting entire group classes or small study groups.

Emphasis on Features:
  • The option for text-to-speech function activation which benefits auditory learners the most thus enhancing comprehension levels vastly.
  • Carefully contrasted images used alongside texts impart further relevant information increasing visibility catering specially to visually impaired learners' needs hence promoting inclusion at all levels.
This ready-to-print PDF material extends over one hundred thirty pages approximating textbook length holds immense convenience for educators either for curricular lesson plans incorporation or assigning enriching homeworks fostering real-world essential skills among your rapidly growing wards fostering their transformation into confident financially-literate adults. A promising all-in-one solution to bridge between academic knowledge and life skills in an accessible way.

What's Included

1 PDF with 130 ready to print pages

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