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Practical Life Skills - Managing Money - Accessible Audio Book Gr. 9-12+

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

Practical Life Skills - Managing Money - Accessible Audio Book Gr. 9-12+

This teaching resource is meticulously designed to equip high school students with the fundamental knowledge of money management. Suitable for grades 9 to 12, the resource integrates well within Math curricula and would be an excellent addition to courses focusing on financial education or practical life skills.

Comprehensive Learning Package

  • Offers captivating content that explores various critical concepts like creating a monthly budget, identifying saving opportunities in everyday situations.
  • In-depth understanding into credit card workings and pitfalls before students commence their own financial journey.
  • Guides learners through an introduction into savings accounts and future financial planning.

The package also provides insights about contracts binding nature and educates them about obligations when co-signing a loan.

Accessibility Features

This resource's uniqueness lies in its accessibility features created for visually impaired students or those with learning or physical conditions affecting content interaction.
The formatted small chunks of text facilitate comprehension while ensuring logical coherence throughout each lesson.
With just one click, the integrated text-to-speech function is activated, assisting learners who benefit from auditory processing or struggle with standard text formats.
Accompanying contrasting images enhance understanding where words may fail by painting vivid images.

Fully Customizable Interface

The accessible audio book allows users to adjust enlargement or reduction of text size guaranteeing convenience in reading and assuring inclusive lessons that respect varied learning traits at all times.

Included With The Package
  • A PDF file featuring 130 ready-to-print pages which are reliable at providing straightforward input for both teacher-led instruction and individual home-based learning sessions alike.

Whether used as part of whole-group instruction, small group activities or assigned as homework tasks, Practical Life Skills - Managing Money reinforces student comprehension around responsibly managing finances—a priceless life skill that will be useful far beyond their school years.

What's Included

1 PDF with 130 ready to print pages

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