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Praise - Lift Him Up Split-Track

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About This Product

Praise - Lift Him Up Split-Track: A Refreshing Teaching Resource

This teaching resource features twelve songs that creatively combine education and artistry within the framework of life studies and religion. Particularly suited for Grades 1 through 5, it offers up an innovative way to engage young minds.

Inclusive Resource Package

The Praise - Lift Him Up Split-Track resource includes a zip file filled with engaging audio tracks from the Praise-Lift Him Up album. One unique feature lies in their split-track design where by simply adjusting your speaker balance, vocals can be removed as preferred, offering flexibility for instrumental performances or its original version.

Versatile Implementation Options

  • Used in diverse settings such as whole group lesson plans or small group discussions within public school environment or homeschooling scenario.
  • Serve as intriguing homework assignments requiring reflection on themes perceived within the tracks.
  • Lively yet reverent tool capable of enhancing worship services in churches and Sunday schools beyond conventional schooling scenarios!

To Conclude...

Incorporating music into life studies curriculum not only fuels creativity but also nurtures spiritual growth among learners. This versatile and adaptable toolkit is indeed worth considering for any instructional sphere!

What's Included

1 zip file with 12 songs

Resource Tags

music education religious studies worship service active learning spiritual growth

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