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6th Grade Math: Expressions and Equations Bundle: 7 Activities

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About This Product

Do you need some new ideas for your 6th grade math unit to meet the Common Core State Standards for Expressions and Equations? Here is a ready-to-go bundle with seven fun real-life activities to incorporate into your unit plan.

1) Exponent Board Game: Students won't even notice how many exponent math problems they actually solve while racing their friends around this game board.

2) 5 Stations for Early Algebra: These fun stations allow students to solve word problems, play an expression game, create a growing pattern with counters, solve one-step equations, graph a pattern, and more!

3) Equivalent Expressions: Real-Life Financial Situations: Students write simple expressions for real-life situations, then use one of four strategies (from the provided handout) to convert them to equivalent expressions. A matching activity is also included!

4) Modelling Equations Using Visual Balance Scales: Here's a fun visual activity to teach your students about doing the same thing to each side of an equation!

5) The Wave Pool Problem: Students have to create tables of values, figure out an expression, graph two options, and decide which way they would prefer to pay to visit a new wave pool in their neighbourhood.

6) Inequality Matching Game: Here's a fun, whole-class matching game to practice solving simple inequalities!

7) Hockey Math Equations: Students complete tables and graph independent and dependent variables while exploring all the math found at a hockey arena.

Grades to Use With:

This bundle is designed for students in Grade 6, but can be used for Grade 5 enrichment, Grade 7 or 8 review, or high school special education classes.

What's Included:

32 Page PDF with 7 Activities and complete answer keys!

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