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Equivalent Expressions: Handout, Financial Situations, Matching

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Grade 6, 7, 8





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About This Product

Here's a ready to go lesson to target 6th grade math expressions and equations standards 6EE.A.3 and 6EE.A.4

1) First there is a simple and clear handout that explains to students what equivalent expressions are. There are sample equivalent expressions included and explanations of how to make them using different math techniques (combining like terms, adding and subtracting integers, using the distributive property, and finding a common factor).

2) Next, there are two pages of real life financial scenarios that students need to write equivalent expressions for. For example: "Ryan gets a $25 allowance each week and can earn $5 each time he empties the dishwasher." This could be represented by 25 + 5d which students could then factor to be 5(5 + d).

3) Finally, there is a matching worksheet with two columns of expressions. Students have to match the equivalent ones to solve a very corny riddle. I would assign this for homework after the lesson.

Grades to Use With:

This lesson is designed for students in 6th grade math classes to target Common Core State Standards in the 6th grade curriculum. It could also be used as a review in grades 7 and 8 or in high school special education classrooms.

If you enjoy this algebra activity, check out others in my store. I always strive to show students how the math they are learning about at school is helpful in everyday life!

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