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Presentation: Early American Civilizations Maya Aztec Incas

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Grade 1, 2, 3, 4

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About This Product


This teaching resource is a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation designed to promote interactive learning about ancient civilizations – namely the Maya, Aztec, and Inca cultures. The 60-slide presentation is packed with detailed information carefully structured for ease of comprehension, making it an ideal resource for social studies or history classes studying early American societies.

Main Topics Covered

  • Hunter-gatherers in the Ice Age

  • Evolvement into farmers establishing early cultures

  • Maya Civilization: geography, culture including sacred animals and numeral system etc.

  • Aztec Civilization: artifacts such as Sun Stone and 'the story of the Eagle'

  • Inca Civilization: details about Peru's topography & llama domestication etc.

About Extras:

The resource also touches on Christopher Columbus’s expeditions to strengthen historical understanding. To further aid comprehension, the slides are supplemented with relevant video links (note that some videos require access to BrainPopJr or Adventure to Fitness account). Furthermore, remember that activating slideshow mode instead of editing mode will provide a seamless video playback experience.

Suitable For Grades 1 Through 4:

If you're striving towards cultivating an in-depth understanding about early American Civilizations amongst your students – whether in school or homeschooling setups – this dynamic presentation tool has got you covered!

Unleash intellectual curiosity via interactive lessons. Happy Teaching!

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Maya Civilization Aztec Culture Inca Civilization Early American Societies Christopher Columbus

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