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Professor Cody Teaches Kids to Code using Scratch - Game Pack 2

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8, 9





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Professor Cody Teaches Kids to Code using Scratch - Game Pack 2

This is a comprehensive teaching resource designed to introduce coding concepts to students through engaging, game-based lesson plans. The content, contained in 48 photocopiable pages, is divided into four independent projects that immerse children in the world of coding while providing hands-on practice.

  • Game 1: Alien Invasion. In this project, students explore cloning by creating alien spaceships and a player-controlled spaceship with laser weapons.
  • Game 2: Catch that Car. The second game introduces patterns associated with motion and chase algorithms by setting two cars on the track.
  • Game 3: A tribute to classic arcades where students develop a Pac-Man-style adventure involving maze navigation and coin collection.
  • Game 4:: Students create their platform games with three distinct levels featuring adventures for gem acquisition through strategic jumps onto platforms.

The complexity of these projects aims to peak student interest for around two hours each. They offer a range of challenges in line with modern pedagogy practices which centers on learning by doing as critical for pupil absorption and retention rates.

This resource can be used effectively not only for individual work but also whole or small group sessions – making it adaptable across different class sizes or settings. It can be utilized during live lessons or as engaging homework tasks that allow learners' creativity and problem-solving skills shine brightly. Embedded within each project are sets of challenges ideal for mini-assessments or even checkpoints indicating learner progress understanding subtly imparted coding principles throughout these games. They serve as more than theoretical discussions transforming classrooms into practical learning spaces where computer science takes shape.

Connected templates downloadable online serve as baseline blueprints students can modify as their skills improve. Professor Cody Teaches Kids to Code using Scratch - Game Pack 2 opens up a new approach for Grades 5 through 9 into the interesting world of coding, encouraging its applicability not only in the computer science curriculum but also across various problem-solving disciplines within the broader Science field.

What's Included

48 printable pdf pages

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