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Questions and Comments Activity Pack

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Life Skills


Grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6



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About This Product

Questions and Comments Activity Pack

The Questions and Comments Activity Pack is a remarkable teaching tool designed for educators across different forums - from public schools to homeschooling environments. It aims to significantly improve conversation skills among students, particularly those with special needs who often struggle with initiating engaging conversations.

Structured Learning Activities

This activity pack features a range of interactive exercises designed to gradually develop students' conversational skillsets, emphasizing on the pivotal art of offering relevant comments and posing insightful questions within dialogues. It is flexible enough to be implemented in diverse scenarios: from stirring whole group discussions, invigorating small group brainstorming sessions, or as personal homework assignments that allow reinforcement of these critical communication skills at home.

Includes 139 Pages/Slides

  • A dynamic combination of PDFs and PowerPoint presentations like 'A Thumbs Up Conversation', 'Asking Questions', 'Making Comments', and 'Brainstorming Comments.'
  • Prompts and guidelines help drive your students towards refining their questioning abilities and response crafting.

Beyond Primary Focuses

In addition to those key emphases, this package also encompasses fun activities such as 'The Question and Answer Game' promoting playful learning through competition. The ‘Table Talk Conversation Starters’ tool instigates absorbing conversations amongst classmates turning social interaction into an exciting educational pursuit.

Auxiliary Aids Incorporated:
  1. Questions & Comments Prompt Cards: Two sets packaged for better aid during classroom discussions or individual study sessions alike.

  2. The ‘Wh’ Questions exercise: This is entirely built around the fundamental ‘Wh’ Questions using visually engaging picture cards.

Primarily aimed at facilitating Grades 1-6 Level classes under Special Resources subcategory Life Skills type Activities, this digital resource employs multiple file types for maximum accessibility across various platforms or situations including remote learning scenarios.

In Conclusion

This activity pack prioritizes explicit instruction paired with practical undertakings towards improving indispensable conversational abilities. This unique emphasis on constructing questions and crafting comments is designed to not only instigate meaningful conversations but also arm students with the essential skill of maintaining such interactions – an invaluable skill of life.

What's Included

Included Please Find 139 Pages/Slides:

> A Thumbs Up Conversation

> Asking Questions PowerPoint Presentation

> Asking Questions PDF Version

> Making Comments PowerPoint Presentation

> Making Comments PDF Version

> Brainstorming Comments PowerPoint Presentation

> The Question and Answer Game

> Table Talk Conversation Starters

> Questions and Comments Prompt Cards {set 1}

> Questions and Comments Prompt Cards {set 2}

> 'Wh' Questions Picture Card Activity

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