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Roll and Draw Spring Fun - A Spring Rainbow Game Sheet

An educational teaching resource from Doodle Thinks entitled Roll and Draw Spring Fun - A Spring Rainbow Game Sheet downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Roll and Draw Spring Rainbow is an engaging drawing game for K-5th grade learners. Students roll a dice then draw the corresponding part of a spring rainbow scene on paper based on the number rolled. Parts include clouds, rain, rainbow, grass, puddles, and flowers. This self-directed activity develops creativity and fine motor skills. Children can play individually or in small groups during indoor recess, brain breaks, or art classes. Extend the learning by having students gift drawings, showcase in an art gallery, or add to portfolios. Game at a glance: 1 game sheet, blank paper, dice, coloring supplies. Check blog for printable dice. Try other roll and draw games like Carrot Cruncher Bunny, Lively Tree, Hatching Chick, and Flower Box Garden for more seasonal interactive drawing fun from Doodle Thinks.

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