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Santa Sleighs The Big Day! SEL Boom Cards With Audio Plus Handouts!

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About This Product

Santa Sleighs The Big Day! SEL Boom Cards With Audio Plus Handouts

This is an enlightening teaching resource developed for educators of preschoolers and students in first to third grades. Adapted as a unique holiday-themed educational tool, it fosters Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

Key Details:

  • Each set consists of detailed instructions on four cards alongside twenty-four task cards.
  • A distinctive characteristic is the embedded audio within each card.

The inherent audio design ensures the cards are engaging and particularly suited for younger pupils or learners with reading difficulties.

Engaging Handouts:

Included are exciting extension handouts, which keep up the holiday-inspired allure. One of them prompts self-reflection on one's accomplishments with phrases like "One thing I slayed is _______". Also featured is a delightful Santa maze that hones problem-solving skills.

  • The resource can be tailored to whole group instruction, small group involvement during lessons or assignments at home due to its interactive nature.
  • Besides SEL application, it can also be incorporated diversely into other curriculum areas – depicting its versatility in enhancing multiple subjects consequently.
Note:To access this festive learning kit any time requires an Internet connection via modern browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge. Alternatively, you may use Apps adapted for Androids, iPads iPhones and Kindle Fires. Moreover,a secure usage mandates adults having a Boom Learning account .

What's Included

A 28 card Boom Deck and 2 Handouts.

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SEL Boom Cards Audio Handouts Holiday

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