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SEL Boom Deck With Audio-Help The Elf Plus A Fun Handout

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About This Product

In this SEL Boom Deck called Help The Elf, students will get to make choices about how someone may be feeling, how they can solve a problem, and making choices about what is the right thing to do. There is audio on every card so there is no need for reading. This is a Christmas themed Boom Deck and fun for students to do before the holiday break. There is also a fun Spot The Differences Handout that has a Christmas picture on it. There are 10 differences.

In this deck, there are situations related to someone not getting the present they wanted and how should they respond, how a parent might feel if a child snuck a cookie, how a person might feel if someone is talking about a playdate they were not invited to, how someone might feel if a person only wanted to be partners with one person, what kind of peer pressure is daring someone to climb the fence, which is better; a fake apology or no apology, someone helping someone up and taking them to the nurse's office, saying hello to a new student and inviting them to play tag at recess, and many more. There are 24 playing cards so everyone in the class can get a turn, you could have each student do this deck as a center, or you can have students do this in partners or groups. There are cute Christmas images that show different types of feelings. There are true/false questions and there are "What should they do?" questions. This Boom deck can produce some good discussions around the choices one makes. To top it off, after students complete the Boom deck, they can do a fun Find The Differences Handout where they need to find 10 differences between images. I always find it helpful to have an activity students can do afterward.

For the Boom deck's terms of use, please visit their site.

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