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SEL Boom Cards -Learning to Paws-About Self-Control With Audio

SEL Boom Cards -Learning to Paws-About Self-Control With Audio
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About This Product

SEL Boom Cards - Learning to Paws About Self-Control With Audio

This is an educational resource designed for educators and homeschoolers. Comprising a deck of 25 interactive cards, this tool uses an engaging dog-and-cat analogy to teach students about the vital skill of self-control. It's fitting mostly for preschool through grade 3.

The goal is to impart on students the significance of pausing to think before acting impulsively, thereby actively contributing to their social-emotional learning journey.

A Playful yet Purposeful Approach

The resource promotes self-regulation skills and better self-management. An unique aspect of these cards is the audio feature on each one, thus eliminating reliance on reading abilities. It's made with versatility in mind and can be used flexibly within various teaching environments:

  • Whole class sessions
  • Small group interactions
  • Individual assignments or co-operative work with peers.

Suggestions for Enhancing Learning Process

Educators could pair this deck with compatible literature such as:

  1. 'The Impulsive Sarah May-Learning How To Use Self-Control' by Jennifer Gaither and Claudio Cerri
  2. 'What Should Danny Do?' by Adir Levy and Ganit Levy among numerous other relevant reads.
Note: Internet Connectivity Required!

Using these boom cards requires internet connectivity but promises optimal compatibility intending it supports modern browsers like Chrome, Safari Firefox & Edge along with apps available via Androids iPads iPhones & Kindle Fires ensuring accessibility regardless of device preference.

Premium Feature:The option for student progress tracking is accessible through premium account subscription if desired delivering insightful utility for users looking for efficient performance assessment capabilities.

Not Just Limited to School Settings

This resource transcends the traditional school environment and cater specifically towards Special Education Needs (SEN), enhancing social skills in line with effective pedagogical approaches & methods catering to fully engage diverse learners effectively both in classroom environment or home-based learning.

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