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Sentence Structure Digital BOOM! Cards- Distance Learning

Sentence Structure Digital BOOM! Cards- Distance Learning
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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

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About This Product

Sentence Structure Digital Boom Cards

The Sentence Structure Digital Boom Cards are an innovative and convenient enhancement to your language arts curriculum. Designed for student engagement, these tools turn learning into a fun, interactive experience.

Flexibility and Access

These task cards integrate seamlessly into classroom environments or homework schedules. They offer access versatility - students can interact with the material from any modern browser on computers or mobile devices.

An Exceptional Advantage: Instant Feedback

A unique feature of this product is instant feedback; whether an error or success, students know right away. This immediate response promotes quicker learning and maintains motivation during solitary study sessions.

Ease for Teachers and Perfect Distance Learning Tool

  • No printing or cutting required – all digital!
  • Create assignments with just a few clicks – minimal preparation needed.
  • This resource is especially perfect for distance learning setups.
Purposeful Design: Enhancing Deeper Understanding of English Language Arts

This set contains 20 task cards purposely designed to keep students in grades 5 through 9 effectively engaged.
Reporting Tools Included – Monitor Your Students’ Progress Easily

A measurable asset included in this tool allows you to identify gaps rapidly so timely intervention can be provided while also observing the performance over time. Unlimited Access across Modern Platforms:
Your lessons aren’t confined by location! These Sentence Structure Digital Boom Cards are compatible on Android devices, iPads, iPhones & Kindle Fires. Give flight to your interactive lessons across multiple platforms pertinent in today’s ever-evolving educational landscape. Adapt early using this resource towards establishing momentum towards critical language arts mastering!

What's Included

Digital Task Cards are a great way to help your students practice sentence structure! These cards can work on a computer or mobile device! No printing of cutting just assign the deck to your students and you are ready to go! Boom Learning is free to sign up for. Students get immediate feedback and teachers can take advantage of reporting tools. Easy and effective! Great for distance learning or in a digital classroom. A total of 20 task cards.

*****READ MORE ABOUT BOOM CARDS: Boom Cards are self-grading, DIGITAL resources. They live in the cloud. They can't be printed. They play on most modern browsers, Android, iPads, iPhones, and Kindle Fires. You open a Boom Learning℠ account to play them (to protect the children). Create Fast Play pins to assign your Boom Cards to students.

Boom Learning also has premium accounts. Premium accounts offer advanced assignment tools, individual and whole class performance tracking, and more. If you are a new Boom Learning customer, when you redeem your Boom Cards purchase you get 90-day free trial of a premium account. When your trial ends, you can renew or move to a free account. You may upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time. Free accounts use purchased Boom Cards with Fast Play pins.

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